Mande Studies: The Journal of the Mande Studies Association

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Mande Studies (ISSN 1536-5506, E-ISSN 2379-5506) is published annually by Indiana University Press on behalf of its sponsor, the Mande Studies Association.

Our interdisciplinary journal publishes original research that focuses on the Mande-speaking peoples of West Africa and the Mande community in diaspora, from slavery to the post-colony. Mande Studies is one of the very few US publications with contributions in both French and English. It is also the voice and the point of encounter of a multiplicity of scholars from diverse scholarly traditions, as it brings together North American, European, and African scholars. We welcome articles in the social sciences and the humanities including, but not limited to: history, art history, archeology, sociology, and public health.

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  • Patrick Royer (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute),
  • Bruce Whitehouse (Lehigh University),

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  • Asher Lubotzky (Indiana University),

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  • Mamadou Diawara
  • Odile Georg
  • Alma Gottlieb
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